Take a round tour at our hotel, to get a hint of what’s it’s gonna be like when you arrive:


Do you need a meeting room, just for a couple of hours or a full day? We got you covered! Workshop away, nail a deal or just work without getting disturbed. You can come early & stay late.


The Comfort Gym is a mix of total body functional training & more easy to use machines. The solutions are smart & compact, enabling variation. We want to make sure our guests can enjoy a sweaty session – no matter what level you’re at.


A combination of a bar, a reception, check-in and a deli. It’s a great place to have a drink before your urban adventures, meet new people, enjoy a bit of music or grab something to eat. You’ll always find fresh and homemade food in our Comfort Deli. The selection will vary from day to day and season to season, but you’ll always find salads, sandwiches, fruit and snacks. It’s all situated on the ground floor. Enjoy!

Bring a refreshing drink or snack from Barception and enjoy it at The Viewpoint on the 10th floor while doing some plane spotting. This room can also be booked for events.


Comfort’s breakfast is a love child of a hotel buffet & a city café. It’s basic, but we make sure to have all the essentials you need for a healthy kick start of the day. Offering a smart, tasty, breakfast with focus on health & sustainability – always with the guest experience in focus.


Travelling can make your clothes dirty. We won’t do the laundry for you, but you can use our in-hotel laundromat service. And yes, you can iron your stuff too.


A smart space that encourages movement for kids of all ages. It’s easy to access & easy to enjoy. With an interactive climbing wall as the main attraction.

Crew room

A compact living room that invites you to kick back and rewind with colleagues.